5 Most Ineffective Websites of 2019

Some sites available on the Internet are fine; they are a savior. But on the contrary, some of them are totally useless, eating out the space available. The web shows up some of the most useless sites created ever. Some of them managed to gain popularity.

However, some of the useless sites have some interactive components also. Most of them will show you up totally irrelevant content. These are not going to help you in doing anything. These can become a source of short term entertainment for you. Some of the worst websites are shown below:

  1. StaggeringBeauty.com

It is that site which shows up nothing more than a worm of black color. The worm will show up two eyes that will wiggle the ways around the screen. It will also get the movement of the cursor. If you start to shake your cursor, then it will begin to dance like a blazed color explosion. It will all show up in the background. It is interesting to see that extended animation while the cursor is shaking.

2. Endless.Horse

Talent is required for making drawings through the computer. You will be surprised to see the weak horse. You will wonder while looking at it that why haven’t the artist given hooves to the horse. Just keep scrolling and scrolling, you will never get to the feet. One of the most significant merits related to this is that this website is living up to the name literally.

3. FallingFalling.com

Users will see different colored blocks that have been falling on the site. Users will find that they have taken an endless drive to the computer directly. Tap the screen, and you will get an activated effect of sound. Users will find themselves falling deep into the virtual abyss. Users will get some soothing and meditative effect.

4. EelSlap.com

Ever seen that scene where someone is getting a slap on their face in languid motion. EelSlap is all about it. Just roll the cursor over the image. Users will get to see the cursor over the image that is slow or fast from the right direction towards the right one. You can see it left to right also. Watch it as many times as you want. You can even control the direction and speed of slap.

5. Cat-Bounce.com If users can’t have adequate cats on the net, then get to Cat-Bounce.com. Just watch some kittens falling from screen top. You will find them bouncing off the bottom gently. Just tap and drag the kitty for bouncing it on its own. Go to the first right-hand side for a severe downpour of the kitty. You will love that interesting component of bouncing cats. One thing that may disappoint you is lack of variety in breeds of the cats.

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