A Complete Guide to installing the Your Phone App in Windows 10

Microsoft latest update on Window 10 allows your phone and PC to work closely and now your Android phones can easily sync with the Windows 10 PC, making it easier for you to edit and share pics directly from your PC.

Here are some steps to install the app:

1.    First, you have to download it, if you don’t have the app.

2.    Open the Your Phone app on your PC.

3.    Press ‘Get Started’ to begin the setup process.

4.    Tap ‘Link phone.’

5.    Write down your phone number and select ‘Send’ to send a text message to your phone.

6.    Press ‘Close’ and wait for your mobile phone to receive a text message from Microsoft.

7.    After you get the Text, Press ‘the link’ sent to you in the phone to open the Google Play Store on your device.

8.    Press ‘Install’ to download the ‘’Microsoft Apps” to work the app function properly.

9.    Hit the “Microsoft Apps” app and select ‘Get started’ to start pairing your phone with the Your phone app.

10.   Ensure that you’re already a member of the Windows Insider Program and then click on ‘I’m already an Insider’.

11.    Press ‘sign-in’ and enter your Microsoft Account details. (Be sure you already login with the same Microsoft Account Used on your on your Window)

12.    Press ‘allow’ to give the app permission to show your photos in your Window.

13.    Press ‘return to Home Screen.’

14.    On the PC, in Your Phone app, press see photos. After this process, you can see all the photos on your phone directly from your PC. Now you can open up, edit and share them and more!!

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