Can’t Delete Inetpub Folder in Windows

Microsoft Windows has a default folder for its IIS, Internet Information Services. The folder keeps the website content and apps in an organized and secure manner. With the subfolders inside the Inetpub folder, the websites get hosted when the user is browsing. The Internet Information Services is responsible for providing the GUI (Graphical User Interface), the means of publishing, managing, creating and configuring the web. IIS not only provides GUI, but it also collects the web server information and stores in the Inetpub folder.

The Inetpub is located in the C: drive of a system containing five subfolders in it. These five subfolders –adminscripts, iisamples, mailroot, scripts, and wwwroot perform their respective task individually. The adminscripts subfolder contains administrative scripts allowing the users to have automatic control on server administration task and administer the website served remotely from the Inetpub.

The mailroot subfolder is responsible for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol service. It is an email standard for emails circulation. The scripts subfolder contains web applications to add serviceability to the website. The iisamples subfolder in Inetpub has sample applications which allow the developers to learn the system of website and web apps and how these works. In other words, the subfolder contains the content for demonstration purpose. The wwwroot subfolder keeps all the web pages and content to publish them on the web. The wwwroot is a default directory for publishing web pages.

Though some users want to delete the folder, they don’t know how to delete it from the computer. This guide is about deleting the Inetpub folder so follow the steps mentioned below. But remember, you may find some issues in your computer after removing the folder. These could be- HTTP protocol is vulnerable, Microsoft index server buffer, etc.

  1. Press Windows Key and open the Start
  2. Type Control panel in the search box.
  3. Click to open Control Panel in your computer system.
  4. Now, click Program in the control panel window.
  5. In Programs tabs, find Turn Windows Feature on or off.
  6. Under it, click Programs and Features
  7. Windows Feature box will appear displaying a list.
  8. Find and select Internet Information Services.
  9. Now click Ok to save changes.
  10. Go to the C: drive where the Inetpub folder is located.
  11. Right click on the Inetpub folder and select Delete from the list.
  12. You can click on it and press Shift + Del button and then press Enter when a confirmation box appears.

The users complained that they are finding difficulty in deleting the Inetpub folder. Maybe they were not following the same procedure as above and skipping some steps. But the method mentioned above can delete the Inetpub folder.

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