Fortnite Players face an Unforeseen Issue of Long Waiting Queues

Fortnite is a battle royale style game with only one aim of surviving till the end by eliminating 99 other players. As Fortnite is a world-renowned game, players from around the globe try to access it to try their luck.

There are plenty of tasks that you can accomplish in the game, especially the ongoing 14 day challenge event. In this event, players have to complete the assigned task given for each day to receive a one-time reward.

By completing daily events, players can get access to new loading screens with Christmas theme, and various emotes, pets and much more. Also, the new Christmas theme makes the in-game environment much more interactive and exciting.

But in the recent day’s players of Fortnite are going through an unusual issue, which is the massive waiting in queue time. Due to so much of innovative in-game experience, players across the globe are trying to access the game, which in the result is creating virtual queues for players to access the game.

As various people have received new gizmos and devices as their presents, the number of Fortnite players has risen. Due to which the servers of the game are unable to handle such vast traffic which in result is forcing the players to wait in the virtual line to access the game.

Due to the latest in-game tasks and challenges various players are trying to play Fortnite at the same time as after every 24 hours the challenge is ended and a new challenge is revelled for an awesome prize. Players don’t want to miss their chance in unlocking the new one time rewards as they are specially based on Christmas theme and have a similar feel of holiday celebrations.

As people are celebrating Christmas and have holiday vacations for New Year, many of the players around the world have ample time to spend on Fortnite, which in return is creating a vast queue of players waiting to join the match, the traffic is so busy on the Fortnite servers that some players are facing difficulty in logging in to the Application itself.

Although it has not been an issue seen previously in the game but as the Christmas celebrations are going on it has been also observed by the game developers, and it is not farfetched at all that this issue will be resolved as soon as possible, as the game developers would figure out means to handle more players on their server. Till then keep trying to log in to your account and don’t miss the ongoing events, as these events are providing players with juicy rewards and giving a motive to every individual player. Keep in mind that your opponent is also trying to accomplish the same task so play wisely and outsmart your opponent to win the match as well as the challenge reward.

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