April 17, 2018

Norton.com/nu16 | Norton Utilities 16 Download, Installation or Activation

Norton offers many versions which has different features with different price range. Choosing the best version as per your requirement is the wisest thing to do. Here, we have explained the detail info about the Norton Utilities 16. Norton.com/u16 has the best of features which lets you use the computer without worrying about any spyware or threat. The security solutions provided by Norton are a perfect way to keep your device protected from all types of online threats including viruses, Ransomware, phishing scams, malware attacks and more. Norton Utility 16 or NU16 is yet another utility suite designed and developed by Norton.

Talking about its main functionalities and features, the main purpose of this suite is to analyze, configure, optimize and maintain a PC. NU16 versions are compatible with almost all the operating system like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Coming to its latest feature then it has the best of features like application uninstaller, Duplicate File Finder, Disk Defragmenter, Norton Disk Doctor, Startup Manager, Service Manager, Restore Center, System Optimizer, System Dashboard and many others as well.

Features of Norton U 16

  • Application Uninstaller
  • Norton Disk Doctor
  • Restore Center
  • System Optimizer
  • System Dashboard and more
  • Duplicate File Finder
  • Disk Defragmenter
  • Startup Manager
  • Service Manager

Before getting this to your computer, you need to buy it from the online or offline store. Buying it online lets you get the activation key as per your own time and place. While offline mode requires you to visit the store and then buy it from there.

Online Mode:- In  the online mode, you need to visit the Norton website where all the products have been listed with different price tag. You can choose any of the Norton product as per your requirement. Once you make your purchase, you will receive the Norton Product key on the registered email ID. You need to pay online. Pay via debit card, credit card or any other listed online payment method.

Offline Mode:- In the offline mode, people need to visit the offline retail store as they could get it there only. You can make your purchase there. You will receive an antivirus box having the CD and the retail card inside. Norton product key will be printed on the back side of the retail card. Product key is vital for the activation of the Norton Product as without the activation your antivirus is just useless.

To get Norton Utility 16 on your device, you need to follow three processes, which include download, installation and activation.

To get Norton Utility 16 on your device, you need to follow three processes, which include download, installation and activation.

How to Download the Norton.com/NU16 ?

After purchasing the key from the stores, you need to download the software on your computer. However, you can install it with the CD as well but downloading it online is such option which most of the users opt for. If you haven’t bought the key offline and looking to download the Norton.com/Nu16, then follow the below listed steps and apply the same on your computer. Before downloading it, make sure that U16 is compatible with your system or not.

  1. Firstly, access the official website of Norton.com/Setup.
  2. Now you need to login to the Norton Account.
  3. To do so, click the “Sign In” option (if the users already have their Norton account else they need to create a new one) on the Norton homepage.
  4. And then, go to the “Order history” tab.
  5. Here, you will see a list of the entire user subscribed Norton products.
  6. Search the Norton Utilities 16 option and tap the order details of it.
  7. Now, copy the Norton Utilities 16 product key from the order details.
  8. And then, click on the “Download” button displayed in front of it.
  9. After this, the users will be directed to the “Download Manager” page. On this page, click the link for beginning the downloading process.

How to Install the Norton.com/NU16

Just follow the below listed steps and install the Norton.com/NU16 on your computer.

  • Firstly, go to the location where the Norton Utilities 16 has been downloaded by the users.
  • Now, you need to select the Norton Utilities 16 setup file by clicking it double.
  • And then, click on the “Next” button, when prompted.
  • After this, follow the complete given on screen instruction for further proceeding the installation process.
  • The installation process will take a few minutes.
  • Wait till the Norton Utilities 16 gets successfully installed to the device.
  • At last, click the “Finish” button.

How to Activate the Norton.com/Nu16

After the last step, your software will be installed on your computer. Now, for a proper use, you need to install it on the computer. By following the step-wise procedure mentioned below, you will be able to activate the Norton Utilities 16 to the device:

  1. Firstly, launch the user interface of the Norton Utilities 16 on the device.
  2. Now, you need to click on the activate the Norton Utilities 16, when the console is launched for the first time on the device.
  3. For this, you can click the “Activate Now” button on the main window.
  4. After this, the activation wizard will appear on the screen.
  5. It displays a form that need to be filled with all the required details of the users.
  6. Type each of the information correctly and proceed for the next.
  7. Now, click the “Activate Now” button.
  8. And then, follow the on-screen instructions for further proceeding the activation process.

Just by following the given instructions, your antivirus will be activated on your computer.