Top 10 Applications for Note Taking in 2019

Students can, at any point in time, fall in the need of taking notes. Even people who are teachers, professors or lawyers, etc may need to do the same. So instead of carrying the burden of notebooks and pens, it’s much better to use handy apps.

Are you getting confused about which one to select?

Don’t worry! This blog will help you to know about the most suitable note-taking applications for you.

1.    Notes (consists of Apple Pencil and Siri)

People can give the order to Siri to start making notes with the help of voice.

You can even sketch anything on your notes by your fingers. This application turns up to be very useful at the time of the research work.

  • This application is available in iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Unfortunately, if you require to go through your notes on your PC then only be able to do it in Mac.

2.    Notability

It can make changes in PDF files. This makes it different than any of the note-taking application.

  • It is also available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.

3.    Google Keep ( for setting notes and reminders)

It manages the notes, and we can easily search for them with the help of its lovely color combination.

  • It gets distinguished from the rest of the note making service because it has a remarkable feature of setting reminders.

4.    Notebook (for handling plenty of media)

It consists of a sensor that can get to know about what type of content is written on it and then gives layout to it on its own. So it saves a lot of time.

  • It is accessible to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Android Tablets and mobiles.

5.    OneNote

It is available mostly on all mobiles and tablets.

  • It can even be used on Apple Watch.

6.    Microsoft Whiteboard ( for doing group work)

It consists of a Whiteboard which can show the changes written on it to all the members who does have access to that particular whiteboard.

7.    Bear (for lengthy articles)

It is mainly for writings lengthy articles or blogs.

  • It is accessible to iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

8.    ColorNote

It changes the background color quickly and helps you to manage your notes in a more better way.

9.    FairNote (have tags)

It is a new application that has an excellent feature of applying tags. This makes it easy for the user to search any of the note on an immediate basis.

10.    FiiNote (allows sketching)

It not only supports its users to write down but also to do the sketching work on it. This makes their notes easy to understand only in one glimpse at the time of revising before exams.

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